Protein Profiling,

Enabling massively scalable, high fidelity,
and truly flexible multiplexing using the nELISA.

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Anatomy of the nELISA Platform

Leveraging groundbreaking technology to build an ecosystem of tools,
modalities, and services to dramatically expand access to the proteome.


nELISA Technology

Using DNA nanotechnology, we transformed the ELISA into a high-throughput proteomics technology.


nELISA Targets

~200 cytokines on-boarded to-date for comprehensive profiling of the immune secretome.


nELISA Service

The world’s fastest & most seamless protein profiling service, with as fast as 1-week turnaround.


Multiplexing without compromise

The nELISA is designed to achieve multiplexing at-scale without the usual trade-offs.

High Throughput

High Throughput

At 10,000+ samples per week per workcell, nELISA brings central lab-throughput to proteomics.

True Multiplexing

True Multiplexing

A complete and elegant solution to the cross-reactivity problem in multiplexed immunoassays.

Flexible Multiplexing

Flexible Multiplexing

Replacing fixed, incompatible panels with the freedom to pick proteins “à la carte”.



Enabling the study of protein expression, interaction, or modification, in one platform.

Absolute Quantification

Quantitative Profiling

Broad profiling meets absolute quantification, all at exquisite precision of <5% CV day-to-day.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Enabled by innovation, the nELISA brings about unparalleled cost efficiency.

Transforming Discovery.
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